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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

Oct 02 2017 in Personal Injury

National Child Health Day is observed on the first Monday of every October. It was created by President Calvin Coolidge in 1928 to remind parents of how their children can remain healthy and reduce their risk of injuries and health problems. In honor of National…

10 Campfire Safety Tips

Sep 29 2017 in Personal Injury

One of the most exciting activities in the fall is sitting around a campfire with family and friends. While toasting marshmallows over a fire and enjoying the great outdoors is wonderful, it can also be dangerous when certain safety precautions are disregarded. Staver Accident Injury…

Apple’s iOS 11 Update Makes Roads Safer

Sep 28 2017 in Auto Accidents

Recent statistics show that nearly 3,500 people were killed by distracted drivers in one year alone. Cell phone usage has become the deadliest form of distracted driving in recent years. While many states have made texting while driving illegal, drivers continue to reach for their…

Can I File a Medical Malpractice Claim for MRSA?

Sep 27 2017 in Medical Malpractice

Hospitals are often full of germs and diseases. While they attempt to keep their surroundings clean and sanitized, hospitals can still spread disease and infection to patients. One particularly serious infection is MRSA. This disease is prevalent in many hospitals and nursing homes because it…

Stay Safe During Homecoming Festivities

Sep 27 2017 in Personal Injury

Now that the summer has come to an end and the school year has begun, Chicagoland students are getting excited for homecoming season. While homecoming in a fun social event that involves football games, school spirit, and dressing up, it can also be dangerous and…

Can I Ride a Bike on the Sidewalk in Chicago?

Sep 25 2017 in Bike Accidents

Many bicyclists fail to realize how dangerous riding their bike on the sidewalks can be. They can believe that riding on the sidewalk is safer because the sidewalk is separated from motorized traffic. But, motorists often have their eyes on the road and are extremely…