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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Am I Liable for an Injured Trick or Treater?

Oct 17 2017 in Premises Liability

Soon, kids of various ages will be sporting costumes and knocking on your door, ready to shout “trick or treat!” For the many years that you have had trick or treaters, everything has gone smoothly. However, an injured trick or treater on your property is…

Why Do Bridges Become Icy Before Roads?

Oct 13 2017 in Auto Accidents

Although it’s important to be cautious and alert any time you’re driving, it’s even more crucial during the winter months when you are driving over a bridge or another elevated roadway. Bridges pose an especially dangerous threat because they become icy before roads since they…

Commercial Vehicle DOT Inspections

Oct 12 2017 in Auto Accidents

In an effort to keep roads and highways as safe as possible, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all commercial motor vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds undergo a vehicle inspection on a yearly basis. The commercial DOT inspection will determine whether all of…

Workers’ Compensation on Food Trucks

Oct 11 2017 in Workers' Compensation

Employees working in food trucks are at a high risk for injury due to the nature of their job and the environment in which they work. They can potentially suffer burns and cuts, slips on a wet floor, or become involved in a vehicle accident…

Haunted House Safety

Oct 10 2017 in Personal Injury

Now that it’s October, many people are getting into the Halloween spirit by costume shopping, decorating their homes, and visiting haunted houses. Although haunted houses are spooky and fun, they can also be dangerous when haunted house safety precautions are disregarded. If you’re planning on…

Will a Jury Hear My Personal Injury Case?

Oct 09 2017 in Personal Injury

There are a number of different phases that comprise a personal injury claim. They can generally be divided into three major stages: pre-lawsuit, post-lawsuit, and the trial itself. Many personal injury cases are settled long before they reach trial. However, if you have a pending…

Social Media Evidence in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Oct 06 2017 in Workers' Compensation

Although used by billions of people around the world, social media is a relatively recent development. Its consequences of how it affects the everyday lives of individuals are appearing in society on a continual basis. One example involves social media evidence in workers’ compensation cases….