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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Leading Cause of Teenage Car Accidents

Nov 28 2017 in Auto Accidents

While the majority of teen car accidents are caused by driver inexperience, there are ways teens with little experience can become safer drivers and reduce their risk of getting into a car accident. If you are the parent of a teen driver, be sure to…

Risks of Drowsy Driving

Nov 27 2017 in Auto Accidents

With the holidays, traveling, and work, you may not be getting enough sleep to keep your body healthy and alert. In order to prevent drowsy driving, follow the tips below to ensure your safety and the safety of others while driving on the road. If…

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Nov 24 2017 in Auto Accidents

When the temperature drops to freezing and you begin to see frost on your car early in the morning, it is time to winterize your car. Winterizing your car can ensure that your car runs efficiently in the cooler temperatures and will also ensure your…

Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips

Nov 23 2017 in Personal Injury

According to the American Red Cross, cooking is the most common cause of fires in the home. With the holidays coming up, things can get hectic preparing a meal for your entire family. To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, read below…

Safely Shopping on Black Friday

Nov 23 2017 in Personal Injury

Black Friday has become an extremely popular day where holiday shoppers flood stores everywhere to take advantage of huge discounts the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Black Friday also presents opportunities vulnerable shoppers to be taken advantage of. If you are planning to hit the stores…

10 Thanksgiving Driver Safety Tips

Nov 22 2017 in Auto Accidents

Many people travel the roadways or highways over the Thanksgiving holiday to visit family or friends. In fact, according to AAA, more than 45 million Americans plan to drive 50 miles or more this year during Thanksgiving. Before you begin your journey, consider the following…

Preventing Holiday Burn Injuries

Nov 22 2017 in Personal Injury

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important to remember to practice proper safety in the kitchen and when putting up your holiday decorations. In order to prevent burn injuries and to ensure the safety of yourself and the loved ones around you,…

63,000 Infant Seats Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Nov 21 2017 in Product Liability

In October 2017, Fisher-Price, a company that produces various toys and children’s products, recalled 63,000 Soothing Motion Seats. The recall was issued after Fisher-Price received 36 reports of these seats overheating in addition to a report of a fire within the motor housing of the…