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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Is the Gym Liable for My Injury?

Jan 10 2018 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Thousands of gym injuries occur in the United States every month. Some of these injuries can require long recovery times and may result in reduced mobility for the rest of the injured person’s life. If you have been hurt while at a gym, you may…

Risks of Cleaning Products

Jan 09 2018 in Product Liability

If you frequently work with household cleaning products, you may have experienced trouble breathing, itchy skin, or other uncomfortable side effects of dangerous chemicals in cleaning products. To learn more about the risks of cleaning products and how to determine which ones to purchase, continue…

Steps to Take If You’re Injured in a Retail Store

Jan 09 2018 in Premises Liability

Because retail stores typically expect a high number of visitors after the holidays, it’s their duty to make sure their buildings are safe and secure. Nonetheless, accidents do happen. If you are injured in a retail store, follow the important steps below to ensure you…

New Bike Passing Law Coming to Chicago

Jan 08 2018 in Bike Accidents

A new law seeks to improve cyclist’s safety when they are being passed by cars on the roadways. House Bill 1784 was made law in August 2017, and its objective is to build on the concept that bicycles are road vehicles that have rights on…

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