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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home as Regulations Loosen

Mar 02 2018 in Nursing Home Abuse

Since 2013, about 6,500 nursing homes have been cited at least once for patient bedsores, neglect, mistreatment, and other violations. The Trump administration has decided to ease nursing home regulations so doctors can spend more time with their patients. This makes it more important now…

Will Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Fatal Car Accidents?

Mar 01 2018 in Auto Accidents

Each year, thousands of people lose their lives to a traffic-related incident. In an effort to reduce these fatal accidents, many automakers are committed to developing safer self-driving car technology. While self-driving cars won’t completely eliminate traffic-related fatalities, they have the potential to significantly reduce…

Can I Use Dashcam Video in Court?

Feb 28 2018 in Auto Accidents

After a car accident, you concentrate on collecting evidence for your case right away. Taking statements from witnesses, getting a copy of the police report, and obtaining your medical records can certainly help you. But, even with all that evidence, your case may not be…

What Happens When Nurses Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Feb 27 2018 in Medical Malpractice

A recent study shows that nurses who experience sleep deprivation and burnout may not perform well at work. In fact, sleep loss and burnout can lead to overstressed employees who make more mistakes than their well-rested colleagues. If you are being treated by a sleep-deprived…

Tips for Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

Feb 26 2018 in Auto Accidents, Insurance

If you were in a car accident that was not your fault, filing your claim may seem simple. After all, you didn’t cause the accident, so you shouldn’t have to pay for anything. But, dealing with an insurance adjuster can be anything but easy. These…

Is My Car Accident Settlement Offer Reasonable?

Feb 26 2018 in Auto Accidents, Insurance

When you’re involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you typically work with the other driver’s insurance company to settle your claim. Insurance companies are supposed to ensure that your car is repaired or replaced and that your medical bills have been…

Operation AirBrake Identifies Thousands of Unsafe Trucks

Feb 23 2018 in Truck Accidents

A recent inspection of certain commercial trucks has identified thousands of brake issues. The inspections are part of Operation Airbrake, a program designed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. To learn more about brake issues…