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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Who Do I Call to Report Potholes in Chicago?

Apr 23 2018 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Potholes are irregularly shaped pavement holes that are extremely hazardous for motorists, especially on busy roads with higher speed limits. If you come across a pothole in Chicago, you can report it and prevent a future accident from occurring. To learn the process of how…

How to Safely Use Extension Cords

Apr 19 2018 in Personal Injury, Product Liability

For some people, using an extension cord might seem fairly straightforward. But extension cord safety is not always inherent knowledge, and a lack of proper precautions could lead to injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered due an injury from a defective extension…

Flood Insurance Coverage – Is it Necessary in Chicago?

Apr 13 2018 in Premises Liability

While spring means warmer weather and longer, sunnier days in Chicago, it also brings rain and melting snow that can cause destructive floods. Considering that floods are the most common natural disaster in Illinois according to the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR), many homeowners…

Hidden Dangers of Unanchored Furniture

Apr 12 2018 in Personal Injury, Product Liability

A leading consumer products watchdog organization recently revealed statistics on furniture tip-overs in the US. A March 2018 article appearing in Consumer Reports (CR) states that unanchored furniture injures someone once every 17 minutes nationwide. Children under six years old represent the majority of victims…