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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Child Life Jacket Safety

Jul 05 2018 in Product Liability

Swimming is a fun and popular summer pastime. For smaller children, parents often help ensure their safety through the use of a life jacket. However, it is essential to understand how to use a life jacket safely and to choose one that is appropriate for…

Car Maintenance for Teen Drivers

Jul 03 2018 in Auto Accidents

Teen driver inexperience is common when it comes to proper car care. However, this is an essential skill that teens should know to ensure their safety and the safety of other motorists on the road. To learn the appropriate car maintenance for teen drivers, read…

How to Commute by Bike Safely in Chicago

Jul 02 2018 in Auto Accidents, Bike Accidents

Biking is a favorite mode of transportation in Chicago, especially when the warm weather hits the city. However, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation, an average of 1,500 cyclists are seriously injured while riding bikes each year in Chicago, and many injuries are not…

Common Myths About Car Maintenance

Jun 28 2018 in Auto Accidents

Proper car maintenance is crucial to ensuring your safety on the road. Failing to maintain your vehicle adequately can result in a dangerous accident and leave you or your loved ones seriously injured. Read below for tips on how to correctly take care of your…