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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

What You Need to Know About Occupational Asthma

Aug 14 2018 in Workers' Compensation

Asthma is a severe respiratory disorder that can hinder an individual’s quality of life. Unfortunately, it can be developed in a variety of working environments and lead to chronic breathing challenges, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing. If you or someone you love has…

How to Avoid Lead Exposure at Work

Aug 09 2018 in Workers' Compensation

Lead is a toxic chemical that can store in an individual’s bones, blood, and tissues and lead to severe illnesses and injuries. When you breathe in lead dust or fumes, lead can enter your body cause serious complications. While lead is used less today than…

Safety Tips for Walking at Night

Aug 08 2018 in Auto Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents

Since Chicago summer nights are pleasant, you may choose to walk outdoors at dawn, dusk, or after sunset. However, at these times of the day, it is even more challenging for cars to see pedestrians on the road. Thus, if you are walking at night,…

8 Tips for Avoiding Work-Related Eye Strain

Aug 06 2018 in Workers' Compensation

If you work in an office, you likely spend hours looking at a computer screen each day. Unfortunately, this can lead to eye strain. Eye strain occurs when your eyes become tired from intense use and do not receive enough breaks. The most common symptom…

Volkswagen Is Recalling Over 50,000 SUVs

Aug 03 2018 in Product Liability

Volkswagen has recently issued a recall for over 50,000 of their 2018 Atlas SUVs. The recall affects SUVs that have second-row bench seats and were manufactured between November 17, 2016, and June 5, 2018. Seat belts for the second-row bench can become damaged when a…