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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

9 Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

Jun 30 2014 in Personal Injury

During hot summer days, there is often nothing better than relaxing at the pool. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, swimming pools can be a dangerous place. According to the CDC, nearly 3500 people die in drowning accidents every year. A large majority of these…

The Real Cost of Car Crashes

Jun 23 2014 in Personal Injury

Everyone knows how expensive it can be if you are involved in a car accident. After paying for damages to your car, medical bills and maybe even damage to other property, you can owe thousands of dollars. What most people are unaware of, however, is…

Selfies, Driving, and Auto Accidents

Jun 02 2014 in Personal Injury

As drivers, we can be endlessly creative at thinking of new ways to distract ourselves as we drive. There are the classics—putting on makeup, eating, rummaging around the backseat for something we lost—but with today’s technology, we have even more options. Texting while driving has…