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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Staying Safe on Road Trips

Aug 25 2014 in Personal Injury

As summer comes to an end, there still is time for one last fun road trip to enjoy with friends or family. In order to make the road trip a success, you need keep a few important safety tips in mind. The following are 15…

New Chicago Rideshare Ordinance

Aug 20 2014 in Personal Injury

As little kids, we all were taught not to get into cars with people we don’t know. But hitching rides with strangers in their personal vehicles — for a fee — has become all the rage with the rise of rideshare programs such as UberX,…

Teen Driver Safety

Aug 19 2014 in Personal Injury

As the new school year gears back up, we start thinking more about the new experiences our kids will have over the next school year. For parents of teenagers starting to drive, this can be a scary thought. Car crashes are still the leading cause…

Trespassers & Premises Liability

Aug 11 2014 in Personal Injury

Every once in a while, there’s a news article about a burglar who breaks into someone’s home and sues the homeowner when the burglar trips on the stairs or is otherwise injured by some condition in the home. If you’ve read an article like that,…

Youth Sports Injuries

Aug 04 2014 in Personal Injury

Summer is a fun time for children. They have free time to play and relax and spend time with friends and family. Many youth spend summers playing sports in leagues, at camps, or even just for fun with other neighborhood kids. Unfortunately, not all of…

Robotic Cars and the Future of Auto Accident Liability

Jul 29 2014 in Personal Injury

Every day, completely automatic driverless cars seem a closer reality. Google revealed its latest model in May. This driverless car was totally computer-driven. It did not even have pedals or a steering wheel. Although the time when these cars populate our streets seems far off…

gross negligence

Bar & Restaurant Injuries – Dram Shop Liability

Jul 23 2014 in Personal Injury

When you’re injured in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver, you probably know that you can submit a claim for compensation of your injuries and other damages to the intoxicated driver’s insurance company. It also might make sense to you that if the…

Illinois Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Tips

Jul 21 2014 in Personal Injury

Riding a bike can be both an enjoyable pastime and good exercise, especially during the summer in Illinois; however, it is important to follow the law and safety rules to minimize the associated risks. By following these rules, both you and drivers of other vehicles…