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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Safety Tips for Hand-Me-Down Cars

Sep 26 2014 in Personal Injury

Teen drivers are more likely to get into car crashes than people in any other age bracket. Because of this, budget concerns, and many other reasons, many teens drive hand-me-down cars from parents or other relatives. Even teens who purchase a car are likely to…

Defensive Driving with Baby on Board

Sep 22 2014 in Personal Injury

Any parent can attest that one of the scariest driving experiences of your life is that first drive bringing the baby back home from the hospital. Many moms and dads tell the story later of going way below the speed limit and being overly careful….

Should You Cash a Settlement Offer?

Sep 19 2014 in Personal Injury

Imagine you’re involved in a wreck on a Chicago interstate when some other driver slammed into you from behind while traffic was slowed or stalled ahead. There’s some damage to your car, but nothing major. You’re shaken up, but you don’t think you’re seriously hurt….

Common Car Seat Mistakes

Sep 17 2014 in Personal Injury

We all know how important car seats are for keeping our children safe in the event of a car accident. Due to increased awareness about the importance of using safe car seats, the number of children that die annually in car crashes has decreased almost…

gross negligence

Selecting the Right Daycare

Sep 08 2014 in Personal Injury

As parents, we know how difficult it can be to leave our children in daycare unless we are sure that it is a safe and fun environment where they can develop and flourish. For this reason, choosing the perfect daycare for our children can be…

10 Tips for Selecting Safe Car Seats

Sep 02 2014 in Personal Injury

September is National Child Passenger Safety Month, so keep an eye out for our posts related to child safety over the next month. Thanks to innovations in child car restraints, better car seat designs, and public awareness about the issue, the number of children who…

Child Safety – This Month and Every Day

Sep 01 2014 in Personal Injury

As you may have heard on the news or in the blog world, September is National Baby Safety Month and National Child Passenger Safety Month. Here at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., we’re not just focused on providing top Chicago personal injury help – we’re…