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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Winter Driving Tips for Chicagoans

Nov 24 2014 in Personal Injury

Weather can change fairly quickly here in Chicago, and we can experience dangerous driving conditions due to wind, snow, ice, and much more. We recently highlighted some helpful tips for staying safe as a pedestrian, but we also wanted to share winter driving-specific safety tips…

Bicycle Safety for Children in Illinois

Nov 21 2014 in Personal Injury

Bicycling is a healthy and fun activity for children of all ages, and everyone is encouraged to use cycling as alternate transportation with children. However, teaching your children to be safe on bikes is a must before you can ever consider bicycling together on the…

Changes in Booster Seat Ratings

Nov 12 2014 in Personal Injury

There are a number of car booster seats for children on the market, and trying to choose the one that is safest for your child can be overwhelming. The good news for parents is that recent ratings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show…

Daylight Savings Tips

Nov 03 2014 in Personal Injury

Over the weekend, the clocks fell back one hour with the end of daylight savings time. We’re looking forward to brighter mornings, but no one likes seeing the sun set before leaving work. This change to shorter days can be dangerous to motorists, pedestrians, cyclists,…

Bicycle Fatalities Report

Oct 29 2014 in Personal Injury

A recent report on bicycle traffic deaths shows that just six states in the United States experienced more than half the bicycle fatalities — and Illinois was among those six. When bicycles and motor vehicles collide, the results can be catastrophic for the person on…

Airbag Recalls & Product Liability

Oct 25 2014 in Personal Injury

Across the nation, millions of drivers are wondering whether their car contains one of the Takata airbags that are the subject of a safety recall. If your car might be on the list, the recall is something to take seriously. The problem with the airbags…