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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Restaurant Related Injuries

Apr 30 2015 in Personal Injury

Everyone loves dining out, but this favorite past time can be a hazard if restaurant proprietors have not taken the proper measures to ensure the safety of their customers. You may not realize it, but restaurants can harbor a variety of potential dangers. Learn what…

Ensuring Safe Pet Passengers

Apr 29 2015 in Auto Accidents

We love our pets. Few things are as fun as a day out with our furry friends. Our dog or cat can even make a nice companion for a road trip. Still, when we take our pets in the car, we need to take the…

Safer Road Trips with Kids

Apr 28 2015 in Auto Accidents

If you are a parent, chances are that your kids are already counting down the days until summer vacation. While we still have a little time left to prepare, summer travels will be here before we know it. That means getting ready for road trips….

Reducing Distracting Passenger Behavior

Apr 27 2015 in Auto Accidents

When you are behind the wheel, your mind and eyes should be focused on one thing only: the road. This is so important, because distracted driving makes an accident at least three times as likely as it would be if you were fully paying attention…

Pothole Accidents

Apr 24 2015 in Auto Accidents

As any driver in Chicago can tell you, nothing is worse than being forced to drive over a large pothole. When traffic conditions are bad, you may be not only forced to do undergo an unpleasant bump, but you may even find that your car…

Subaru Incorporating New Technology to Reduce Accidents

Apr 21 2015 in Auto Accidents

You’ve probably seen Google’s self-driving car, and you may have even seen the intelligent drive features of the new Mercedes S-class. Unfortunately for most of us, these self-driving technologies are still a bit out of reach for those of us who want to do other…