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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis

May 11 2015 in Medical Malpractice

Only in recent years have doctors become aware of just how common chronic Lyme disease can be. Unfortunately, there is still so much about this disease that we do not know, which leads to misdiagnosis. Since Lyme disease has such nonspecific symptoms, including fatigue, stiff…

Gym Accidents on the Rise

May 05 2015 in Personal Injury

With the recent gym-related injury that left Sen. Harry Reid wearing an eye patch, and now the tragic death of tech entrepreneur Dave Goldberg while using a treadmill at a gym in Mexico, accidents in gyms and health clubs have made national news. According to…

Sun Glare Accidents

May 04 2015 in Auto Accidents

We all know that weather like sleet, snow, and rain can cause dangerous road conditions, but few people take into account just how dangerous sun can be at certain times of the day. If you have ever driven around sunrise or sunset, you probably have…

Restaurant Related Injuries

Apr 30 2015 in Personal Injury

Everyone loves dining out, but this favorite past time can be a hazard if restaurant proprietors have not taken the proper measures to ensure the safety of their customers. You may not realize it, but restaurants can harbor a variety of potential dangers. Learn what…

Ensuring Safe Pet Passengers

Apr 29 2015 in Auto Accidents

We love our pets. Few things are as fun as a day out with our furry friends. Our dog or cat can even make a nice companion for a road trip. Still, when we take our pets in the car, we need to take the…