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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Chronic Headaches from Car Accidents

Sep 11 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

If you are suffering from headaches in the aftermath of a car accident, you are not alone. Studies show that 50 percent of individuals report head pains after being discharged from the hospital in auto accident cases. Even one year later, a third of the…

Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition Nominee

Sep 10 2015 in Media, Personal Injury

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. had their blog chosen to compete in The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Competition. Out of the 2,000 nominees that were entered for consideration, only 250 blogs were selected for final consideration. The three…

Are Bridges Really Safe?

Sep 09 2015 in Personal Injury

Most of us have crossed a few bridges in our lifetime, whether during the commute to work or on a fun family bike ride. Bridges are central to modern day methods of transportation and add historic, aesthetic, and architectural value to cities like Chicago. While…

Auto Defects

Sep 04 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Product Liability

It seems that we’re often reading or hearing in the news about cars or SUVs being recalled because of some defective part. Defective auto parts can be the cause of crashes that result in serious injuries to the people involved, making automotive defects hazardous for…

Electronic Stability Control on Trucks and Buses

Sep 01 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Electronic stability control is an innovative technology designed to sense “when the front or rear of a vehicle is moving inconsistently with the position of the steering wheel.” When a problem is detected, an electronic stability control system can brake an individual wheel to realign…