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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Locating Witnesses After An Accident

Sep 25 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

After a car crash, it can be unclear which driver was at fault. The other party’s insurance company has may deny your claim if they believe there is insufficient evidence to show their driver was at fault. In this event, third-party witnesses may be the…

Recovering From Car Hijacking Injuries

Sep 24 2015 in Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

We’ve all seen car hijackings go down in action flicks, but do they happen in real life? How would you recover from an injury sustained in a car hijacking gone wrong? According to the Department of Justice Statistics Bureau, approximately 34,000 carjacking incidents occur annually,…

How to Win an Insurance Dispute

Sep 23 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

In certain car accidents, it is not always immediately clear which driver is at fault. When you proceed to file a claim with the other person’s insurance carrier, they have the right to dispute and possibly deny your claim. It is important to understand the…

Dos and Don’ts After a Crash

Sep 22 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Imagine that you are cruising down I-90 in Chicago, eager to return home after a long day at work. As the oncoming traffic light turns red, you slow to a full stop. Suddenly the car behind you rear-ends your vehicle, causing your body to lurch…

Disney World Ride Accidents

Sep 18 2015 in Personal Injury, Premises Liability

When millions of people are visiting amusement parks — and billions of rides taken — it’s inevitable that some people are going to get injured. Family vacations should be a time to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with loved ones. The daily grind can be so…

Zero Traffic Fatalities Plan

Sep 17 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Every year in the United States, thousands of lives are lost in traffic accidents. Most people are so used to these everyday tragedies that they write off traffic fatalities as a predetermined conclusion. Chicago is joining cities around the world in their efforts to see…

Dooring Accidents

Sep 16 2015 in Personal Injury

Ever been walking on a sidewalk or riding a bike in the bike lane when suddenly a car door swings open in front of you? If you’re lucky — and fast — you can jump or swerve out of the way and avoid running into…