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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Roundabout Accidents

Dec 02 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Have you ever been driving someplace away from home, trying to find your way through an unfamiliar neighborhood, and come across a roundabout at an intersection? If you don’t regularly use roundabouts, you may feel hesitant or even stressed about how to navigate the traffic…

When Commercial Trucks Speed

Dec 01 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Illinois commercial truck drivers are under tremendous pressure to meet deadlines, ship goods on time, and maintain a regular schedule. When circumstances such as heavy traffic or poor weather cause delays or unsafe conditions, many truck drivers make circumstances even more hazardous—and cause more accidents—by…

3 Tips for Avoiding Bike Accidents

Nov 23 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents involving bicyclists result in thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that in 2013 alone, cyclist fatalities made up 3 percent of all traffic deaths in Illinois. However, many bike accidents are…

Commercial Trucks and T-Bone Crashes

Nov 20 2015 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Broadside accidents, more commonly known as T-bone crashes, are among the deadliest and most tragic on roads and highways throughout Chicago and Illinois. Unlike head-on collisions, drivers are not typically protected by bumpers, airbags, or other safety measures; rather, drivers are exposed, and the effects…