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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Chicago Bicycle Dooring Cases

Mar 10 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Dooring is one of the ever-present risk factors for city riders. If you’ve been injured in a dooring accident, contact a Chicago bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your case. Commuting by bike is a heart and environmentally friendly form of transportation, exercise, and recreation. Chicago,…

Structural Collapse Accidents

Mar 07 2016 in Premises Liability

Every year, deadly structural collapses kill construction workers and passersby. These terrifying tragedies represent unacceptable mistakes that cost livelihoods and lives. We should be able to expect buildings to stay upright, but when they do not, we can be sure that someone is liable for…

Injuries From Kitchen Appliances

Mar 01 2016 in Personal Injury, Product Liability

Modern day kitchen appliances make it much easier to cook, clean, and store food. Most of us probably use standard equipment such as our microwave or stove with no problems, but in some cases, defective kitchen appliances have been known to cause serious injuries. In…

Defective Products Class Action Lawsuit

Feb 26 2016 in Personal Injury, Product Liability

Defective products cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Luckily, there are product liability laws in place to protect consumers from potentially hazardous goods that range from medical devices to vehicle parts. Because companies must ensure that their products meet safety standards, they can…