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Chicago Personal Injury Blog

Avoid Angry Drivers

May 04 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Road rage and angry drivers are becoming an increasingly common occurrence on the roads of American cities, particularly larger cities like Chicago. Angry drivers can be a hazard for many different reasons. News stories have chronicled instances of drivers who deliberately rear-end someone they believe…

Crashes Involving Parked Cars

May 02 2016 in Auto Accidents

Have you ever parked on the street and returned to your car only to find a side mirror broken off or that someone has sideswiped your car and caused damage to it but found no note from the other driver? If so, you are not…

Handicap Transport Accidents

Apr 28 2016 in Auto Accidents, Bus Accidents, Personal Injury

Getting around town is particularly difficult for people who use wheelchairs or suffer from mobility issues. In Chicago, the sidewalks can be hard to manage and not every train platform has an elevator. Additionally, other cities in Cook and Lake Counties may not have sidewalks…

Lake County Traffic Accidents

Apr 26 2016 in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Lake County has a population of more than 700,000 people, and while not everyone there is a driver, hundreds of thousands of residents drive their vehicles throughout the county every day. Considering the number of people who live outside of the county but drive through…