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Fireworks are an American pastime, and everyone knows that the summer months and holidays are the perfect time to enjoy these exciting and colorful displays. Fireworks may be beautiful, but they are explosives that burn extremely hot and pose a number of risks if used improperly.

firework safety

A 22-year-old man died during Fourth of July festivities this year when he detonated a firework on his head. Avoid this and other firework hazards and stay safe this firework season by keeping some important safety tips in mind:

  • Don’t Use Consumer Fireworks – The safest way to watch fireworks is to enjoy a professional display. Trained professionals know how to light and aim fireworks to minimize risks to themselves and bystanders.
  • Keep Them Away From Children – If you do plan to do your own fireworks, make sure they are stored safely where children can’t get them.
  • Supervise – Everyone loves sparklers, but make sure you supervise children with sparklers and that they appreciate the responsibility of being able to hold one. Sparklers may be frightening to a child who doesn’t know what to expect, and are dangerous if not held properly. Sparklers burn at 1200 degrees, so be careful!
  • Check your surroundings – If you’re going to set off fireworks, be sure you have ample clear space to do so. Don’t set them off near homes or other structures, trees, or power lines. Two out of five fires reported on the fourth of July are caused by consumer firework displays.
  • Keep An Eye On Bystanders – Make sure you know where everyone is, especially children, when lighting fireworks. Warn everyone to keep their distance, and be careful that you are aiming your display in a safe direction.
  • Use Common Sense – Fireworks are explosives and should be treated with obvious care. They are flammable, so store them properly. Never hold a lit firework or have it anywhere else on your person. Never light fireworks inside or in an enclosed space. Never aim fireworks at yourself or anyone else. Don’t attempt to use fireworks if you’re intoxicated and never use them for anything but their intended purpose.
  • Follow The Law – Make sure you know the local and state laws pertaining to firework displays in your area. Find out what kind of fireworks are authorized and where and when you are permitted to use them. The answers to these questions vary greatly around the country.

Stay safe and enjoy the firework season! If you or your property has been damaged by someone negligently setting off fireworks, contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer at .