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Employee Benefits

At Staver Law Group, we offer comprehensive and competitive employee benefits. These include:

  • Competitive Pay – We value your experience, and you will be compensated accordingly.
  • Small, Collaborative Work Environment – Staver Law Group is a team. In serving our clients, we frequently need to ask one another to research a specific code section, request documentation or reports, or more. We have a strong dislike for corporate bureaucracy.
  • Retirement Plan – We understand the importance of planning ahead for the future. As an employee, you will be eligible for our 401k retirement plan.
  • Life Insurance – Sometimes the future can be unpredictable. We provide life insurance to protect your family in case of tragedy.
  • Health / Vision / Dental Insurance – As Chicago personal injury lawyers, we know that insurance is essential. You will be provided a comprehensive health insurance package to protect your future.
  • Vacation Time – Whether you’re looking to escape Chicago’s cold and frigid winters or take a breather from the summer heat, we offer flexible vacation time so you can return to the office refreshed.
  • Gym Membership – We value health and you are welcome to participate in our gym membership program to improve yours.
  • Transportation – Commuting in Chicago can be tiring and expensive. We offer transportation benefits to our employees to offset the impact of Divvy, Ventra, or parking.

As our firm grows and changes, new benefits may develop. All existing and new employees will be notified of additional benefits as they become available.

In addition to our generous benefits package, Staver Law Group offers bonuses based on merit. These may be awarded on a case-by-case basis or annually.

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