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Day Care Employees in Des Plaines Gave Children Melatonin Gummies to Fall Asleep

by Jared Staver in Personal Injury

It’s difficult for parents to find someone they trust to care for their child. Many parents work to support themselves and their family and enroll their child in day care. While most day care centers offer a safe, exciting environment for young children to learn, socialize, and grow, some engage in negligent supervision and can hurt innocent children.

If your child has suffered due to a day care provider, you should reach out to an experienced day care negligence attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. We can discuss your legal options and ensure your rights are protected.

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Details on the Des Plaines Day Care Incident

An example of day care negligence recently occurred at Kiddie Junction, a day care facility in Des Plaines. The day care promotes itself as an educational institute and promises parents that its teachers use development research to help children love learning.

Recently, three day care teachers at Kiddie Junction gave toddlers gummies that contained melatonin, an over-the-counter supplement that is intended to induce sleep. After the owner and director of the day care center discovered an empty bottle of these gummies, she called the police.

One of the employees admitted that she gave children the melatonin filled gummy bears without informing their parents. While it’s unclear how long this alleged drugging occurred for, there were only four gummies left in the bottle of 120.

Despite the fact that the label on the Walgreens melatonin gummies clearly stated that the product is dangerous for anyone under the age of 16, the day care teachers explained that they believed the gummies were safe because they are sold over-the-counter. Each caregiver was charged with two counts of endangering the life or health of a child as well as two counts of battery.

Fortunately, none of the toddlers who were given the gummies appeared to be hurt. However, one parent reported their child was groggy after they picked them up. While melatonin overdoses may not lead to fatalities, they may affect puberty and obstruct normal hormonal development.

Common Signs of Day Care Negligence

If your child attends a day care facility, you should keep an eye out for common signs of day care negligence, such as:

  • Not enough day care teachers: Illinois requires a certain number of adults to be present based on the number of children at a day care center. If your child’s day care has few caregivers, they may not be receiving the supervision they need.
  • Clutter: A cluttered environment, especially one with small objects, can be hazardous for your child.
  • Unsafe conditions: Sharp edges, old playground equipment, and broken glass may all be signs of hazardous conditions that may hurt your child.
  • Constant hunger or thirst: If your child is always hungry or thirsty when you pick them up, day care teachers may not be feeding your child or serving them enough water.

Contact a Day Care Negligence Attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. For Help

If you believe your child is a victim of day care negligence, it is in your best interest to reach out to a day care negligence attorney at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. right away. To schedule a free, initial consultation, contact us at (312) 236-2900 and find out if you are eligible to recover compensation for your damages and injuries.