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Cold Weather Car Maintenance Tips

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Winter is fast approaching, making it essential for you to ensure your car is ready to take on the harsh weather conditions that will arise in Chicago. By preparing your car for driving in the snow and ice, you can reduce your risk of causing an accident while saving money and headaches down the road. We’ve listed several important cold weather car maintenance tips to get you started.

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How to Prepare Your Car for Cold Weather Driving

Whether you’re a do it yourself or prefer to hire a mechanic, be sure your car receives the cold weather car maintenance listed below.

Ensure Lights Work Properly

Now that it’s almost winter, there is less daylight. Since you’ll likely be spending more time driving at night than during the day, ensure your lights are in tip-top shape. If you notice a bulb that is out, repair it immediately. In the event your headlights seem yellow or foggy, it may be wise to replace them.

Check Your Antifreeze

Antifreeze, also referred to as coolant is crucial during the colder seasons because it keeps your engine from freezing in low temperatures. Check your antifreeze to make sure you have enough of it and there are no leaks in your engine that may cause it to drain out. Most mechanics suggest a 50/50 mix of coolant and water.

Invest in Winter Tires

While winter tires can be useful for all drivers, they are a particularly worthwhile investment if you drive frequently. Even if your car is all-wheel drive, you may have a difficult time turning and braking without winter tires. Winter tires can give you the extra traction and confidence you need during the winter months.

Be Mindful of Tire Pressure

It’s crucial to get into the habit of checking your tire pressure during the winter months. Your tire pressure can drop along with the air temperature. Believe it or not, it can lose up to one pound per square inch during every 10 degree drop in air temperature. Since cruising the winter roads with low tire pressure may lead to premature tire wear or tread separation, adding pressure to your tires when necessary can prevent an accident.

Inspect the Climate Control and Defroster

While your defroster is designed to keep your windows from icing up, your climate control system can keep you warm during winter driving. If one of these technologies does not work, winter driving can become very dangerous and uncomfortable. Inspect them to ensure they are working optimally.

Pack a Winter Emergency Kit

Although this isn’t technically a winter car maintenance tip, packing a winter emergency kit for your car is a smart move. It can include a warm blanket, first-aid kit, knife, flashlight, cell phone charger, and jumper cables. A shovel and de-icer spray are also recommended so you can access your engine or trunk if they’re frozen shut. You’ll be thankful you have these items in your car if you do find yourself in an emergency situation.

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