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The professionalism of the team was wonderful. I didn’t have to wonder what was going on with my case. They were on it!


I highly recommend this Staver law group. excellent results and great customer service. gives results very fast. I am very thankful to them.

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In the day and age we now live in it is easy to be a skeptic with everyone out to make a quick buck. By far Staver Law Group is the real deal. These guys were very easy to work with. Professional at every corner and fought on our behalf and we were pleasantly surprised with the settlement they attained for us. Big thanks to Jennifer and Patrick!

James Porche

My experience with this law firm was Great. Everyone was so professional through out the case. They get the job done, in a timely manner . If I ever need a Lawyer again I’m definitely calling Saver Law Group. Thank you guys for Everything

Tynesha Muhammad

I can’t lie I’m really amazed at how fast and adequate the service is here. ??

Not only did they get me a settlement well over 10k but the promptness of it was down right scary.

The best law experience I’ve ever had bar none!

Ph Pur

I had an accident few months ago. I was waiting at red light and another car rear ended mine. I was physically injured. I contacted Staver law group after hearing from a friend and explained about my situation. They agreed to work on my case . They are very professional and they explained everything and helped me with everything right from filling out paperwork in our very first meeting. I knew I was in safe hands and need not worry about a thing. They took care of all the paperwork. Few months after the accident, they came back to me with a very good news that the other guy’s car insurance company has agreed to compensate for my personal injury.. They are someone who you can trust. I strongly recommend them.

Thank you Staver law group.


I would highly recommend Staver Law Group to those looking for a personal injury attorney. The staff were always friendly, professional, easy to reach, answered any question I had, and they handled and settled my case much quicker than I thought. Thanks SLG!

Aneesha Williams

Staver Law Group deserves 10 stars! By far the best law group I have ever worked with. Very easy to communicate with, unbelievable support through my injury and very to the point. Would recommend them 1000x times!

dustin musgrave

The professionalism of the team was wonderful. I didnt have to wonder what was going on with my case. They were on it!

Derrick Curry

Staver Law Group is AWESOME!!! The Attorneys really know how to take the stress off and provide the help needed. Tyler Kobylski really showed that client satisfaction is their main priority. I would recommend the Staver Law Group to anyone for their integrity, work ethic and commitment to bringing their clients the maximum settlement to which they are entitled. I just want to thank Patrick Gill for keeping me informed and being available for my many questions every step of the way.

Larita Vinson