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The professionalism of the team was wonderful. I didn’t have to wonder what was going on with my case. They were on it!


I highly recommend this Staver law group. excellent results and great customer service. gives results very fast. I am very thankful to them.

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I was very pleased with my experience with Staver Law Group. They assisted me when I wasn’t sure what to do, and did what they said they would do for me, without any stress on my part. Thanks for all your assist Stave Law Group

Terri Ast

These people are a joke. Super unprofessional and did nothing to help. I did most of the work regarding my case. The settlement was closed a few months ago, yet I’m still receiving the unpaid medical bills. I called and was told it’s my responsibility to pay out of my own pocket for an accident that wasn’t my fault. Spending hours in the ER, weeks at therapy, loss of work, totalled car.. and I was given less then 7,000. I. Total nightmare. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS PLACE. They dont even deserve 1 star

Mo O'Neill

It was very nice working with the Staver Law Group, – my emails were responded to professionally and right away. I suffered Whiplash – from the accident – called Staver Law Group – the next day I was in to see a doctor, within the same week I started therapy had an MRI and consultation. They are fast and efficient – and the settlement negotiated by their group saved me money on all therapy and medical services putting more in my pocket. Thank you Staver Law Group

kali kiDD076

It was a pleasure working with you guys… I received more than expected with my settlement. You guys helped me out tremendously I appreciate it all! ! I would totally recommend you all.

Ricky Rose

In August 2016 My girlfriend, my sister and a good friend of mine(at the time) got into a near fatal, head on, hit and run collision. We hired mark horwitz out of impulse, based off reviews alone. After pretty much trying to chase him down to talk with him for over six months we spoke to him once and he didn’t even know who we were. My sister needed facial reconstruction and has permanent disfigurement, my girlfriend had fractured vertebrae’s in her lower back. I had a concussion, stitches, poison ivy and other minor injuries. My point of the injuries is when you’re in a bad accident and people you care about dearly almost die, you want to be treated and taken seriously. We didn’t feel that with mark so we terminated him and hired the staver law group and we all felt like a priority immediately and were taken as so, a few months later my sister ended up getting a offer for the maximum and same happened to my girlfriend. Briana was incredible and very informative with every and any question we had. If something happens to any of us again or somebody I know I would strongly recommend staver to represent and fight for them. You guys did excellent, thank you.

Mikey Dahlman

Ive had an excellent experience at Staver Law group with handling my auto accident that happened this last December 2017, in which I was rear ended on the expressway 94 in Chicago,Illinois.

Mr.Eippert, the attorney handling the case, was very informative, very courteous, and very knowledgeable about dealing with every aspect of my case. He replied to my phone calls, and e-mails, in a very quick time frame, which may I add is not always the case in other firms.
I would recommend anyone injured in an auto accident to this firm, contact them, they will get the job done, and done right! They will get you what you deserve!

Thankyou Mr.Eippert, and Staver law group staff for all the hard work and dedication that you all have done.

Harvey Reed

Disappointed with the level of communication at the firm. They gave me advice and then did not follow through.

Susan Sutehall

Worked fast on my case and called me to let me know my updates good job you y’all the best around town!!!!

MzLiz Love