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Was My Child’s Birth Injury Preventable?

by Jared Staver in Medical Malpractice

If your baby is born with a health complication, it can be a traumatic experience. But, learning that your baby was not born with a defect, but rather suffered an injury during labor and delivery could be even worse.

If your baby was injured during birth, and you want to know if the injury was caused by the negligent actions of your healthcare professionals, you may want to contact a Chicago birth injury lawyer about your case. Our birth injury lawyers at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. can review your baby’s health problems and locate any potential missteps your doctor or another medical professional may have taken to help you determine how to move forward with your case.

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What is the Difference between a Birth Defect and a Birth Injury?

A birth defect is a congenital issue that develops as the baby grows in utero. Birth defects can be caused by a genetic predisposition, environmental issues, or the poor health of the mother. Conversely, a birth injury is one that is caused during labor and delivery.

Examples of typical birth injuries include:

  • Lack of oxygen to the baby. If your baby’s oxygen flow has been compromised due to issues like a blockage of some sort, a prolapsed umbilical cord, or placental abruption, it can cause a lifelong brain injury. In some cases, if the baby is deprived of oxygen too long, they could die.
  • Incorrect use of forceps or vacuum. A baby who is extracted from the womb using forceps or a vacuum is susceptible to injury. Forceps, which are used to grip the baby’s head and guide it through the birth canal, can permanently damage the skull if they are applied with too much force. A vacuum, which uses suction to attach to the baby’s head and guide it through, can also cause damage to the skull or harm the eyes.
  • Fetal distress. Fetal distress is prevalent in high-risk pregnancies. So, if you are high risk your doctor should be monitoring you and your baby very closely during both labor and delivery. Fetal distress can occur for reasons such as extended labor, low oxygen levels, a fluctuating heart rate, or problems with the umbilical cord. If a doctor fails to notice or act quickly enough when a baby is in fetal distress, the baby can suffer from organ failure, cerebral palsy, brain damage, or death.

Talk to a Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer about Your Case

Doctors and hospital staff receive extensive training and education to prevent injury to the mother and baby during labor and delivery. However, negligent actions can occur, and if your baby’s birth injury was preventable, you are entitled to seek compensation. Your baby could suffer from lifelong complications that require medical attention such as therapy, drugs, or regular doctor visits. You should not be forced to shoulder these costs when your child’s injuries were not a direct result of your behavior.

Having a baby is one of the greatest moments of your life, and when your child’s birth is overshadowed by the carelessness of a healthcare professional, you shouldn’t have to suffer. Our team at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. is prepared to handle the complicated tasks of a malpractice case, and we are not afraid to go up against a hospital’s legal team in court to fight for your rights. Contact us today at (312) 236-2900 to schedule a no-cost consultation with an experienced attorney.