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Child Pedestrian Safety

by Jared Staver in Pedestrian Accidents

Despite all of the child pedestrian safety education and initiatives that exist, child pedestrian accidents still arise frequently. Distracted driving, intoxicated driving, reckless driving, aggressive, driving, road rage, and speeding are the most common causes of child pedestrian accidents and lead to serious injuries and in some cases, death.

If your child has suffered an injury or lost their life while crossing at a crosswalk, a location without a crosswalk, or when playing in the street or at a park, it is in your best interest to contact the Chicago pedestrian accident attorneys from Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. immediately.

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Results of the Child Pedestrian Study From the University of Iowa

Recently, the University of Iowa conducted a study that proves that children under certain ages do not have the motor skills or perceptual judgment to consistently cross a busy roadway without putting themselves in danger. Children between the ages of 6 to 14 were placed in a simulated environment and directed to cross one lane of a busy road consistently.

The results of the study showed that children up to their early teen years found it challenging to consistently cross a busy roadway safely. With 6-year-olds, accident rates were as high as 8 percent. Children were not able to cross the street safely consistently until age 14. Even 12-year-old participants proved a lack in motor skills when they opted for bigger traffic gaps.

Jodie Plumert, a professor at the University of Iowa explained that some people wrongly believe that younger children can cross the streets like adults. This study confirms that on busy roads with ongoing traffic, this is certainly not the case. Since children have weak motor skills, a lack of perceptual judgement, and are impatient, crossing busy streets becomes a risky situation for them.

Tips for Child Pedestrian Safety

The University of Iowa researchers encourage parents to educate their children on how to be patient and select gaps that are larger than the gaps adults would opt for. Parents should also reinforce the importance of looking left, right, and left again prior to crossing the street.

In addition, parents must set a good example and inform their children of the dangers of crossing the street while playing on their phone or listening to music with headphones. Civic planners can help as well by pinpointing areas where children are inclined to cross streets and ensure pedestrian crossing aids are implemented.

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