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Chicago Traffic Accidents in November

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents

Traffic accidents are common throughout Chicagoland, and they can result in devastating injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash, you need the experienced Chicago personal injury attorneys at Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. to help you obtain compensation for your losses. You may be able to obtain financial compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and loss of normal life. Call us today at (312) 236-2900 to find out how we can help you.

For more information about Chicago traffic accidents that have occurred in November 2017, read below.

November Chicago Auto Accidents

  • 34 Year-Old Man Dies in a Rear End Accident – On November 1, a man rear ended a semi truck in the South Side Park Manor Neighborhood. The medical autopsy stated that his death was a result of injuries from the accidental crash.
  • Police Officer’s Death in Car Crash Ruled as Homicide – A Rockford police officer’s death on Monday, November 6, has been ruled as homicide. The officer is said to have attempted to pull over a man at a traffic intersection. When he did not stop, the officer fatally shot him and as a result, crashed into his car. The officer died due to blunt force trauma. There is an ongoing investigation around the officer’s use of force.
  • Driving Under the Influence Causes Man to Crash into Semi – On November 6, a man on the Bishop Ford Freeway toward the Southside crashed into a tractor-trailer. The man is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol and was thrown out of his vehicle upon impact. He was sent to the hospital right away after being severely injured. The driver of the tractor-trailer did not suffer any injuries.
  • Five Vehicle Highway Accident Leaves No Injuries – On November 7, there was a five car collision, including a school bus, on the Dan Ryan Highway on I-94 near 95th Street. While all the vehicles were severely damaged, there were no injuries.
  • 16 Year-Old Girl Dies in T-Bone Accident – On November 7, a young girl’s boyfriend was waiting to turn into her driveway when a car collided into his from behind moving his car into traffic. The girl died upon arrival at the hospital, and her boyfriend suffered minor injuries. The man who collided into the car was ticketed with failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.
  • Driver Runs After Injuring Six People in a Crash – In the Northwest Side of Chicago on November 8, a driver ran after colliding head on with another vehicle. The vehicle the driver ran from had five occupants, all of which were transported to the hospital for further treatment. The other car had only one passenger who was also admitted to the hospital.
  • 21-Year Old Dies Crashing into a Tree After Being Shot – On November 15, a 21-year old man was sitting in his car when a man approached him and pulled a gun. When the man started driving away, the gunman pulled the trigger and shot him in the back. As a result, the man crashed into a tree and also injured a 17-year old who suffered minor injuries.
  • Man Dies from Homicide and Injures Two Women and a Child – On November 16, on the Dan Ryan Expressway close to 59th Street, a car crash resulted from a shooting. The man who was shot collided into the highway wall. The man died from gunshot wounds and the women and child in the car sustained injuries.
  • Car Theft Leaves One-Year Old Boy Safe – On November 18, when a three-car collision caused a young mother to get out of her car to ensure her friend was safe, a stranger jumped into her car and drove away with her one-year old son in the back seat. The car was found nearby on the 9100 block of South Prairie Avenue with the boy safe inside.

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