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How an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

The idea of talking to a lawyer about a personal injury claim might be intimidating. You know you’ve been hurt and that someone else is at fault, but maybe you think it would be easier and simpler to resolve the situation on your own. You may think all you have to do is submit an insurance claim and wait for a check to come in the mail. But in fact there are many ways that an attorney can significantly improve your chances at getting payment for your medical bills and other damages.

A personal injury claim due to a car accident can become very complicated, especially if there are multiple parties involved such as in a multi-car collision. Claims also can be complicated if your injuries are severe and will require long-term treatment, or have resulted in some degree of disability. A personal injury lawyer can help make sure that you get a fair settlement for your claim. If you go it alone, you may end up with less than your claim is actually worth.

Once you hire a lawyer, your lawyer can take the reins in your case and deal with the details while you focus on recovering from your injuries and taking care of your family. There are a number of steps along the process following your accident where an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer can be valuable.


When you’re in an accident and want to make a claim for compensation of your injuries, you’ll need to gather evidence to support your allegations that the other person caused your accident, and that you have injuries that can be compensated financially. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Chicago will know what kind of evidence you need, how to find it, and how to use the evidence to prove that the other person’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions caused your injuries.

Your lawyer also should have a network of qualified people who can help with various aspects of the investigation. That might include an accident reconstruction expert, physician who can perform an independent assessment of your injuries, or an appraiser who can determine the fair value of your property damage.


Once all of the evidence is gathered, your lawyer will put everything together into a demand letter to the insurance company for the person who caused your injuries. The demand letter will tell the story of what happened to you, how you were affected, and make a demand for the monetary compensation owed to you based on the facts and evidence. The demand letter starts the process of negotiation.

A good personal injury lawyer brings to the negotiations knowledge of Illinois law, insurance policies, and the claims process, as well as an understanding of the strategies insurance companies use to try to minimize the amount of money they pay out. Your lawyer can use his or her knowledge and experience to negotiate on your behalf to get you a fair settlement based on the circumstances of your case.


If the insurance company refuses to settle your claim, a lawsuit may become necessary. A good personal injury lawyer brings to your case knowledge of the state or federal court where your case will be heard, including experience working with clerks, judges, and the attorneys who may be representing the other side. Your lawyer can be with you through every step of the litigation process, from writing and filing the initial complaint to trying the case in front of a jury. Your claim may end up hinging upon some particular point of Illinois or federal law, in which case you’d definitely want an attorney who understands the nuances and subtleties of the law and can make the best possible arguments on your behalf.

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