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Zion Personal Injury Lawyer

At Staver Law Group, we know that a car accident can turn your life upside down. That’s why we do what we do. We’re here to help car accident victims get back on their feet. If you’re looking for an experienced Zion car accident lawyer that’s focused on getting clients the compensation they deserve, you’ve found the right place.

What makes Staver Law Group different from other personal injury law firms is that client satisfaction is our priority. To us, this means more than achieving positive outcomes for our clients at trials and settlement negotiations. This means treating our clients with compassion and respect. When our clients call, we always connect them to the Zion personal injury attorney who is the most familiar with their case—not a paralegal or an administrative assistant.

Zion is located in northwestern Lake County, which has the third highest accident rate in all of Illinois. Out of almost 12,000 reported accidents in 2012, there were 24 fatalities and around 3,500 injuries. Some of the most dangerous intersections and roads around Zion are:

  • Grand Avenue and US Route 45
  • Highway 41 and Wadsworth Road
  • Illinois Route 173 and US Route 45
  • Route 12, also known as Lake-Cook Road

Many of the roads in Lake County are only two-lane, but handle the amount of traffic as highways. Local authorities know that congestion and out-of-date signaling systems contribute to accidents, but often times there isn’t enough funding to rehabilitate roadways. When municipalities are able to fund renovation projects, the construction sometimes goes over schedule and makes the roads even more hazardous than before.

The safest option for motorists in Lake County is to avoid roads that have high accident rates, congested intersections, or ongoing construction. Unfortunately, the reality of the daily commute often dictates otherwise. In winter, harsh and sometimes unpredictable weather can make these roads even more dangerous. Ice, sleet, and snow can reduce traction and visibility to such an extent that even safe roads can suddenly become too risky.

If you get into an accident, it’s likely that you’ll seek compensation for your injuries and car damage through the insurance claims process. While it is possible to successfully handle the process yourself, it is likely that you’ll get a better settlement if you hire a skilled Zion personal injury lawyer. And if you hire a professional to handle your claim, you can focus on your recovery instead of haggling with insurance adjusters.

The Zion personal injury attorneys of Staver Law Group will be ready to take your case to trial if you can’t get the compensation you deserve in the insurance claims process. We’ve won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients through settlements and jury awards. If you’re thinking of hiring one of our attorneys, you can call us today for a free consultation regarding your case. And if you decide to work with us, you won’t have to pay us until we settle or win your trial.