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Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re an auto accident victim, you may need to hire the best Wilmington car accident attorney possible to ensure that you get full compensation for your injuries and car damage. Insurance companies are experts at reducing claim settlements in order to increase their own profits, and at-fault drivers will do anything they can to avoid paying your damages from their personal assets.

In 2012, Wills County saw almost 12,000 auto accidents that caused over 40 deaths and around 3,000 injuries. The roads in the area can be dangerous, and the Wilmington personal injury attorneys of the Staver Law Group are here to help when accidents happen. With years of experience investigating, settling, and litigating auto accident claims, we can help people like you to get the compensation they deserve.

While driving in and around Wilmington may be safer than in Chicago, there are still some areas that require extra caution. One of the most dangerous intersections in Wilmington is at Route 53 and New River Road. New River Road carries heavy truck traffic that turns onto Route 53, which just before the intersection narrows from four to two lanes. Accidents between automobiles and trucks are common, and the results are often devastating.

A few miles northward, a dangerous rail crossing stands at the intersection between Route 53 and Strawn Road. While no serious accidents have happened so far, the enormous volume of trucks heading to the rail yard has local officials alarmed. Many trucks try to beat the rail crossing, and on occasion have snapped the gates as they close.

Just south of Wilmington, there’s another notoriously dangerous intersection where Coal City Road joins Route 53. So many accidents have occurred at that intersection that local residents, victims, and their relatives have petitioned the governor of Illinois to mandate the installation of signals. For now, there are only stop signs at one of the area’s most dangerous intersections.

Other, safer roads in Wilmington can turn dangerous in the bat of an eye when unpredictable winter weather hits. Sleet and snow can reduce visibility while icy roads can vastly increase breaking distances and make vehicle control difficult. Under such circumstances, drivers should slow down and increase the distance between themselves and the car in front. But the realities of commuting dictate otherwise, and accidents are frequent every winter.

In the aftermath of an accident, victims need to cope with recovering from their injuries, fixing their car, taking time off work, and taking care of their family. Attempting to recover a settlement from an insurance company at the same time can be too much to handle. That’s when the Wilmington car accident lawyers of the Staver Law Group step in. We focus on getting your compensation, so you can focus on getting your life back on track.

What makes us different from other personal injury law firms is our dedication to client satisfaction. Our initial consultations are free, and our clients don’t pay us until we win or settle their case. No matter what time our clients call, we connect them to the Wilmington personal injury lawyer who is working on their case. We don’t waste their time by connecting them to paralegals, administrative staff, or other attorneys who might not know the details of the case. Call us today at . We are available 24/7.