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Wheaton Personal Injury Lawyer

No one chooses to get into a car accident. But car accident victims do have a choice in how to get compensation for their injuries. They can go up against insurance companies or at-fault drivers themselves, or they can hire a Wheaton car accident lawyer who will fight on their behalf to get them the compensation they deserve.

Staver Law Group is a different kind of law firm. Not only do we aggressively pursue our clients’ claims, we treat our clients with compassion. We understand how traumatizing a car accident can be, so our goal is to give our clients the most hassle free experience possible. No matter when our clients call us, we’ll connect them to the Wheaton personal injury lawyer who is actually working on their case.

Wheaton is located within DuPage County, to the east of Cook County. In 2012, there were 18,227 car crashes in DuPage County causing 21 fatalities and around 4,700 injuries. This makes DuPage the second most dangerous county in which to drive in Illinois. If you’re an accident victim in DuPage County, you can count on the Wheaton personal injury attorneys of the Staver Law Group to work closely with you to help you get back on your feet.

While driving in and around Wheaton may not be quite as dangerous as driving in Chicago, there are still some high-risk areas that drivers should avoid. For example, the intersection of Route 64 and Route 84 just outside Wheaton has a high accident rate. Another dangerous intersection is at the cross roads of Ogden Avenue and Illinois Route 59 in Naperville. In 2011, that intersection alone was the scene of almost 50 accidents.

In winter, even safe roads can entail unacceptable risks for drivers. Icy roads increase breaking distances dramatically and can make it hard to control a car when reacting to unforeseen traffic or obstacles. Snow flurries can obscure your vision—or make you invisible to other drivers. Cumbersome snow removal equipment, which is there to make the roads safer, sometimes causes deadly accidents.

If the weather is bad, it’s best to stay off the roads altogether. But if you must commute by car to work, you may have no choice. If you find yourself on the road during a winter storm, proceed as slowly as possible and keep a safe distance between you and other cars. Defensive driving is the best way to guarantee your safety and that of your passengers—traction control, anti-lock breaks, and other modern safety equipment are no replacement for vigilance.

Sometimes accidents still happen despite all precautions. If you get injured in an accident and think someone else may have been at fault, calling a skilled Wheaton car accident attorney may be the best way to get compensation.

It can also relieve you of the stress of having to balance your physical and financial recoveries. All initial consultations with Staver Law Group are free of charge, and our clients don’t pay us until we win or settle their cases. Learn more today at .