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When residents of Sycamore become victims of car accidents, they know they can turn to Staver Law Group when they need compensation for their injuries. Our dedicated and compassionate attorneys bring years of experience to the table. We are skilled investigators, interviewers, negotiators, and trial strategists who have won notable settlements worth millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

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Around 1,500 auto accidents occur per year in Sycamore and its surrounding areas. If you’re a victim of one of these accidents, you need to work with a Sycamore car accident lawyer with local knowledge, exceptional trial skills, and a dedication to client satisfaction. You need to work with an attorney from Staver Law Group.

Most crashes in Sycamore occur at the intersection of Route 64 and Peace Road. According to official studies, most of these accidents occur because of a driver’s failure to stop or to yield at an intersection. Both Route 64 and Peace Road are narrow and lack central dividers, but handle the same amount of traffic as large highways. This causes frustrated commuters to roll through stop signs or to follow too closely.

During winter, the risks to commuters are even greater. The road surfaces become icy, cars share the road with snow removal equipment, and the weather affects visibility. When the elements combine with over-congested roads, the result is predictable: accidents will happen. Unfortunately, municipalities such as Sycamore often do not have the resources to improve their roads.

For example, almost fifty accidents have happened at the hairpin curve at Plank Road and Moose Range Road in the last five years. Although local residents have been asking authorities to straighten the curve for over a decade, there simply isn’t enough money to do so. Some say it may take up to twenty years to correct the situation.

Until the roads in Sycamore improve, more accidents are inevitable. Staver Law Group is here to help these victims get back on their feet. Usually, this involves assisting victims with their insurance claims process. While a lawyer is not necessary to successfully pursue an insurance claim, hiring a skilled Sycamore personal injury lawyer can vastly improve the odds of receiving a beneficial settlement.

Should negotiations with the insurance company break down, our attorneys will be ready to take the case to trial. We have some of the most passionate and skilled Sycamore car accident attorneys in the business, and they know how to construct a strong legal claim that will get results for our clients.

That being said, we don’t only focus on results for our clients. We understand just how traumatizing a car accident can be. We know how deeply it can affect our clients’ work and personal life. For this reason, we make every effort to relieve our clients from the stress of getting compensation for their injuries.

When our clients call us, we guarantee that they will talk to the attorney who is working on their case—not a paralegal or an administrative assistant. Our initial consultation is free, and our clients don’t pay anything unless they win. If you need a Sycamore personal injury lawyer who will put your interests first, look no further than Staver Law Group.