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If you’re a car accident victim looking for compensation for your injuries and property damage, the Skokie personal injury attorneys of Staver Law Group are here to help. We will aggressively pursue your case until justice is done. We know how traumatic a car accident can be, so our goal is to give our clients the most hassle free experience possible. Our initial consultations are free, and our clients don’t pay us until we win or settle their case.

We’re a different kind of law firm. Our lawyers are not just focused on achieving positive case outcomes for clients – they’re also focused on giving unequaled customer service. When our clients call, we don’t waste their time by having them talk to paralegals of administrative staff. Instead, you can speak to the Skokie personal injury lawyer who is actually working on their case. We make ourselves personally available to each of our clients.

Cook County is the most dangerous place to drive in all of Illinois. In 2012, there were 131,402 accidents in Cook County, which caused around 250 deaths and over 25,000 injuries. While driving in Skokie might not be quite as dangerous as in downtown Chicago, there are still some areas high-risk areas to avoid. Overall, 1,476 accidents occurred in Skokie over the course of 2013, causing 6 fatalities and injuries to 452 people.

One of the most dangerous intersections in Skokie for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists alike is the intersection of McCormick and Touhy streets, where 18 accidents occurred in 2014. According to Illinois Department of Transportation statistics, most accidents occur at or around intersections that don’t have signals, so drivers should exercise particular caution at any crossroads without red lights.

Driving defensively and cautiously is the best way to avoid accidents. Indeed, the crash statistics for Skokie show that careless driving is the overwhelming cause of most accidents. Most Skokie car accidents occur in broad daylight and in good weather when drivers fail to see turning, stopped, and parked cars. Accidents involving obstacles or animals in the road, mechanical failures, and intoxication are surprisingly rare.

In most cases, accident victims receive compensation for their injuries and property damage through the insurance claims process. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer to successfully recover in this manner. But if you choose to work with one of Staver Law Group’s Skokie car accident lawyers, you’ll have a better chance of receiving a beneficial settlement amount. Further, you will avoid the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters whose job it is to give you the smallest settlement amount possible.

When we are unable to get our clients the compensation they deserve through the insurance claims process, we take their case to court. Our Skokie personal injury attorneys have won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients through settlements and jury awards. If you want to work with experienced and compassionate legal professionals who will aggressively litigate your case, look no further than Staver Law Group.