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Gurnee Car Accident Lawyer

As anyone who has experienced rush hour traffic in Gurnee knows, when auto accidents happen, it is a serious problem. If you think that it is bad to get stuck in traffic caused by an accident, imagine how much worse it is to be the victim in a car crash. It isn’t easy to suffer through a car accident, especially if it isn’t your fault.

I-94, Grand Avenue, and other major roadways in Gurnee are prime crash locations. In fact, the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Grand Avenue is known as one of the most dangerous in the Chicago area. Unfortunately, these crashes are mostly avoidable, as driver error is the most common cause. Distraction, failure to yield, and speeding all regularly contribute to Gurnee accidents. These negligent driving behaviors can do real damage, even if you were the innocent driver. At Staver Law Group, a knowledgeable Gurnee car accident lawyer can help you through this difficult time.

Staver Helps You Get the Compensation for Your Crash Needed to Recover

At the Staver Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you get past your accident and recover. While we may not be able to heal your injuries or fix your vehicle, we are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve that makes recovery possible.

After being a part of an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may find bills piling up and feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork and negotiation required to settle your case. When you hire Staver to protect your interests, your Gurnee car accident lawyer will deal with the other driver’s legal team and the insurance companies for you, so that you can relax and recover. We fight for your fair compensation, in order to mitigate the burden caused by this horrible accident.

Why Should I Trust Staver with My Accident Case?

After an accident, you may not know where to turn for help. You can trust a Gurnee personal injury attorney from Staver Law Group to look out for your best interests every step of the way. We promise that when we are on your case that you will be able to voice your concerns directly to your lawyer at any point in the process. Our lawyers make themselves available to answer your questions directly, so that you never find yourself stuck struggling to understand what’s going on from an inexperienced, uninvolved paralegal.

As a small Chicago law firm with years of experience in Gurnee, you know that you are being represented by an attorney who knows the local courts and other attorneys, giving us an advantage when advancing your case. Most importantly, our mission is to put the needs of our clients first, no matter what their background, so anyone injured can get high-quality legal help.

How a Gurnee Car Accident Lawyer Can Help in Any Personal Injury Case

As Gurnee personal injury attorneys, we also know that car accidents are not the only time you may need legal help fighting for compensation due you because of someone’s recklessness. That’s why Staver represents clients in all kinds of personal injury cases. We take on the party at fault in medical malpractice suits, workers’ compensation battles, product and premises liability cases, police brutality incidents, and even wrongful death lawsuits.

If you have been injured in Gurnee or the greater Chicago area, contact us at Staver right away by calling to set up your free, confidential consultation today. There is no obligation after hearing our take on your case, and there is no financial commitment. In fact, you won’t pay a cent until your case is won or settled fairly. Let us show you how we may be able to help today.