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Genoa Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you recently injured in a car accident? You are not alone. In a single year, more than 1,550 car collisions occur in DeKalb County (2013 statistic from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation Crash Report), with hundreds resulting in severe injuries. The most common crash types include rear ending, side swiping, careless turning, and object obstructions, and they are more likely to happen during wet, icy, or unstable road conditions. Unfortunately, car crashes have increased from year to year since 2009 in Genoa and throughout Illinois. Injuries from car accidents can become debilitating and life-damaging.

If you or a family member are currently experiencing physical trauma and additional stress from insurance adjusters, medical bills, or extended leave from work, you might be in need of immediate assistance. Staver Law Group PC is dedicated to helping victims recover damages from all types of motor vehicle related accidents, ranging from pedestrian crashes to motorcycle falls to reckless driving tragedies.

Our group of professional Genoa personal injury attorneys can guide you down the path to rightful compensation. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars for pain and suffering, past and ongoing medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished future earning potential. Our legal team will work hard to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of payment and best possible outcome. Furthermore, we won’t be paid a dime until you win your case.

Finding an experienced and compassionate Genoa personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. Instead of worrying about the accumulating bills and legal papers, you should stay focused on making a full recovery. Staver Law Group has successfully aided many accident sufferers throughout Genoa County and the State of Illinois, allowing them to recuperate with peace of mind. We also represent individuals in workers’ compensation, product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death suits. Our group of knowledgeable Genoa personal injury lawyers will attentively walk you through the entire legal process, step by step, starting from the initial case assessment. We will then handle collecting records and documentation, evaluating medical providers and insurance claims, and negotiating settlement terms. From start to finish, our attorneys are equipped and ready to answer all your questions along the way.

The legal system can be confusing and frustrating, especially amidst difficult situations. But with the Staver Law Group personal injury team on your side, there will be a skilled litigator fighting for you at every junction. We recommend that you read client reviews and testimonials or watch personal videos of families we have served. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today or come in our office for a free, confidential evaluation. We will be happy to talk through your options in person or on the phone.