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Geneva Personal Injury Attorney

Geneva is generally a safe and calm place to live in the Chicago area. Unfortunately accidents happen, and in a second, you could find yourself a victim suffering terrible injuries. While this is a tragedy when you are truly injured in a freak, unavoidable accident, it is much more difficult to recover after learning that your injuries could have been avoided if it weren’t for the careless negligence of another person.

As dedicated Geneva personal injury attorneys, our team at the Staver Law Group sees negligence cause serious personal injury incidents far too often. We believe that you deserve help in finding justice for any accidents caused by such recklessness. That’s why we are dedicated to helping any clients injured by someone else’s negligence. We regularly represent clients in cases related to medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, car accidents, premises liability, and product defect. If you are injured in an actionable case, we will never give up until you get a fair settlement.

Getting Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

While we can’t undo your suffering, Staver personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to heal and move on. After an accident, bills commonly pile up. Not only do you have medical bills to deal with, but you may also have missed work and lost wages due to this ordeal. Our attorneys can not only help you get compensation for the tangible losses you have suffered, but also the less tangible damages, such as pain and suffering and lost earning potential.

Not only are we dedicated to getting you the best settlement possible, but we are also equipped to take care of all the little details and big fights along the way, so you can focus on your recovery. Once you have hired a Geneva personal injury attorney from Staver, we take on all the paperwork and negotiations for you. We deal with insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and the negligent party on your behalf, so you can have the calm and peace of mind you need for a restful recovery.

Car Accidents in Geneva

Among the most common ways people are injured in Geneva is car accidents. The formerly-called “Killer Kirk Road” may no longer be nearly as dangerous thanks to increased policing, but there are still plenty of accidents on Kirk Road due to driver negligence. Kirk Road, Randall Road, Route 38, and Fabyan Parkway all are the site of numerous accidents every year. While some may be true accidents, a large majority are associated with driver error and negligence.

Driver distraction, failure to yield, speeding, and other negligent driver actions contribute to hundreds of car accidents in Geneva every year. No matter how carefully you drive, you can find yourself a victim of another person’s recklessness on the road. In these cases, you deserve full compensation for the injuries and damages you are forced to endure. A Geneva car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to heal and move on.

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