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After a car accident, dealing with insurance companies, car repairs, and medical bills while focusing on your physical recovery can be overwhelming. That’s why the Elgin car accident lawyers at Staver Law Group are here to help. We understand how taxing the aftermath of an accident can be for victims, so we make every effort to lessen the strain on our clients as we assist them with getting compensation for their injuries.

What sets us apart from other personal injury law firms is our absolute dedication to giving our clients a positive experience. We pride ourselves on working closely with each individual client to ensure we understand their needs and how we can best advance their interests through the legal system. Whenever our clients have a question, we guarantee that they can talk to the Elgin personal injury lawyer who is working on their case.

In Elgin, there were 2,298 accidents in 2013, which caused 841 injured and 4 fatalities. Authorities know which intersections are the most dangerous, but sometimes there isn’t enough funding to install signaling systems. For example, a traffic study concluded that the intersection of Shady Oaks Drive and Route 58 needed a traffic signal, but funding for that is not included in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s 2015-2020 plan.

At Spring and Summit Streets, however, the city council was able to install a stop sign to make the intersection safer. Similarly, the intersection of Illinois Highway 72 and Randall Road received $133,000 in improvements after at least two fatalities and dozens of crashes in recent years.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s statistics show that most accidents happen in daytime and in good weather at unmarked intersections when a driver fails to avoid stopped or turning vehicles. Thus, most accidents could be avoided if everyone made an effort to drive safer.

The most important—and obvious—factor to remember in driving is to focus on the road. But in the era of GPS devices and smart phones, there have never been more distractions competing for drivers’ attention. It’s essential to avoid the temptation to text or make calls while behind the wheel. If a conversation or message can’t wait, pull over in a safe area before using your phone. While making a call from behind the wheel is legal in Illinois – unless you’re in a school zone, it still increases your chance of getting into an accident.

Another way to avoid car accidents is to drive defensively. This means driving with the state of mind that an accident could occur at any instant. Check your mirrors frequently to keep track of the cars around you. Be prepared to take evasive action if oncoming traffic comes into your lane, and never assume that other cars are aware of you or your next move. Finally, never turn your wheels while waiting to make a left turn—if the car behind hits you, you’ll be pushed right into oncoming traffic.

Despite all precautions, accidents still happen. If you get injured on the road, hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve for your medical bills. The Elgin car accident attorneys at Staver Law Group are able to achieve positive case outcomes for clients whether it’s through the insurance claims process, a settlement negotiation, or a trial.

If you want legal representation, but are unsure if you can afford it, you needn’t worry. Our fee structure is designed to help people of any means to get access to justice. If you decide to hire one of our lawyers after your free consultation, you won’t have to pay us until we win or settle your case.