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According to Deerfield Police, Cellphones Causing More Accidents

by Jared Staver in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Almost everyone has a cellphone now, so it’s not shocking to learn that these devices are contributing to traffic violations and accidents. Once cellphones became popular in the average home, law enforcement agencies began to see a problem with people using them while they drove. Unfortunately, mobile phones meant people weren’t keeping two hands on the steering wheel and were mentally focused on their phones or calls instead of the road.

States and cities tried to step in and solve the problem by making talking or texting on phones while driving illegal. Authorities pushed for drivers to use hands-free devices or ignore their cellphones while driving altogether.

But no matter how much safety agencies discuss the dangers of cellphone use while driving and no matter how illegal cellphone use is, these small gadgets still contribute to crashes and tickets.

Deerfield Sees Rise in Cellphone-Related Accidents

Deerfield, Illinois, Police Chief John Sliozis reported on cellphone use while driving when he presented his 2015 report to the Village Board of Trustees and the mayor in early March, the Chicago Tribune reported. According to the police chief, about half of all 558 crashes last year and 520 crashes in 2014 were rear-end collisions. The percentage of rear-end collisions in all crashes rose to 68 percent in February 2015.

Sliozis believes many of the rear-end crashes were linked to distraction from cellphones – though it can be difficult to arrive at precise numbers.

“We don’t always get a legitimate answer when we ask about cellphone use at the time of collision,” Sliozis said, according to the Tribune. “If that number continues to climb it is really a clear indicator it’s cellphone use and just not paying attention to what they are doing.”

Many agencies have previously noted that cellphone use while driving might be underreported. This isn’t surprising considering many people may deny using their phones prior to a collision to avoid a ticket or admitting fault.

Deerfield Sees Increase in Cellphone-Related Traffic Tickets

Sliozis hasn’t come to the conclusion regarding cellphone-related accidents merely from a rise in rear-end collisions. He’s also well aware that tickets for hand-held cellphones became one of the main traffic tickets in Deerfield. In 2015, the local police write 1,170 citations for cellphone use.

Cellphones Lead to Distracted Driving

What’s happening in Deerfield is happening everywhere. Police all over the U.S. are attempting to enforce cellphone restrictions, but people keep using their phones while they drive.

By using a phone while driving, people become distracted. No matter what anyone thinks, there’s no way to focus on the road as much as you should while you’re calling or texting on your phone. Your mind is distracted from the road and cars ahead every time you glance at your device. Your eyes area off the road for crucial seconds every time. Even if you use a hands-free option, your mind still isn’t where it should be.

Distracted driving leads to thousands of car collisions every year, and hundreds of people are hurt and kills because the driver wasn’t paying enough attention.

Contact a Attorney

If you were hurt in a crash caused by someone using their cellphone, call an attorney right away. Cellphone use during an accident may be evidence of fault. If the driver was an employee of a business and caused the accident during work, it may even shift liability. Contact Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (312) 236-2900 to learn more.