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Legal Assistant

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Legal Assistant Leslie Castellanos

Yes, the legal process is complicated, but my goal is to have you thinking “that was easy.”

The moment you call us for support, your to-do list becomes my to-do list. I check in on your treatments, handle medical record requests, and take coordinating the details of your car accident case off your plate.

More About Leslie:

The insurance system was made to be confusing. The less you know, the more mistakes you make and the more likely the insurance companies can avoid payment. But that’s where I come in. Every record, every bill, every request — I make sure it’s all there and all prepared perfectly for your case.

After accuracy, my focus is speed. It’s not enough to keep all of the pieces moving; they have to move fast. For the healing process to start, you need compensation now.

I can’t make this process fun, but I can make it simple. And when you’re uncertain or feeling overwhelmed, I’m immediately there to guide you through. Any concern, any question, you can always call me or the Staver attorney working on your case. We’re all on the same team… yours.

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