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3 Ways To Share The Road With Trucks

by Jared Staver in Personal Injury, Truck Accidents

Accidents are always scary; however, when one of the vehicles involved is a truck, the loss and injury can be life-threatening. While it is not possible to prevent every accident, learning how to share the road with other vehicles, especially larger vehicles like trucks, is a good way to reduce the chance of accidents.


Trucks are large vehicles, and, accordingly, they take up more space on the road than a typical car. As such, drivers need to give these vehicles even more space when sharing the road. Because of the length of the body of a truck, there are more blind spots, other vehicles must maintain a safe distance, and early signaling is critical to the response time of a truck driver.

A blind spot is a particular area of the road that is difficult for a driver to see even with the use of rearview and side-view mirrors. These blind spots are present for all vehicles but are even more prevalent in the case of a truck. The driver of a truck may not be able to control or prevent an accident if a car is in one of the blind spots. You could be the victim of a rear-end, a sideswipe, or an underride accident.

It is important to travel at and maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and any truck on the road. Do not linger closely behind or in front of a truck. The following are how major accidents can occur when you do not maintain a safe distance:

  • Truck tires can blow out. If you are traveling too close, fragments of the tire may come into contact with your windscreen, causing damage to your vehicle and potential injury to yourself.
  • A high wind can cause the body of the truck or the load to roll off and crash your vehicle.
  • Trucks will brake suddenly, and, if you are following too closely, you could be the victim of a serious collision when your car slides under the body of the truck or you swerve to avoid the rear collision.

Another important tip in traveling at a safe distance includes making sure that you signal early. A truck will need more time and space to slow down or stop. So if you plan on changing lanes, stopping or making a turn, you should try to signal your intentions as early as possible.


Many drivers are intimidated by the size of a truck. Just passing a truck on the road can be nerve-wracking for some drivers. Despite the fear, there is a right way and a wrong way to pass a truck on the road. The following are some useful pointers:

  • It is best to pass on the left of a truck to ensure maximum visibility.
  • When passing a truck on the road, it is important to maintain a consistent speed.
  • Try to be patient and avoid erratic swerving when deciding whether to overtake a truck.
  • Do not attempt to pass a truck when it is making a turn
  • Do not cut off the truck when completing a pass. Instead, leave sufficient space as trucks are not able to brake as quickly as cars.

You should always be careful when passing any vehicle, but given the weight and length of a truck, you should exercise more care when overtaking these larger vehicles.


A distracted driver is more likely to cause an accident. When you are sharing the road with large vehicles, your undivided attention is even more critical. Your focus as a driver should be to operate your motor vehicle with care and observe other road users.

The most common distractions that can lead to an accident include the following:

  • Talking on, texting, or using a cell phone;
  • Daydreaming while driving;
  • Reaching for something or trying to make radio adjustment; and
  • Looking to the left or the right at some accident or other distraction.

Staying alert on the road can make the difference between life and death. If you are focused, you can anticipate and potentially avoid accidents.

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